the not so prodigal son returns

Oh how I've missed blogging. I've been gone for far too long! Lots to catch up on but we'll start with some news. I know, I know, I've skipped a whole lot of stuff in between like model deaths and controversies and GaGa's album [re]release, but time to move on.

I made a post about Gaultier making a Target line, yes? Well I've got news about who's next! None other than Monsieur Posen comma Zac. Yes, he will be making a Target diffusion line to be released in late April through May. Yay for excitement; Posen can now join the ranks of Target designer lines! McQueen, Sui, Mulleavy, Gaultier, and now Posen (I'm still excited for the men's diffusion line for Macy's, however).

And now, it wouldn't be a welcome return with a post about the Lohan, would it? As much as some people want her off of Ungaro, she's not going anywhere, folks. Aside from lies about doing a collab with a high-end jewelry designer, there have apparently been lies about her not getting paid or getting fired, but all of these are untrue. Monsieur Mouffarige puts no blame on Lohan for the Spring 2010 disaster that occurred on the Parisian runway. Wow, you're really rooting for her aren't you? Well, I just hope you prove us wrong [:

Have you missed me?

p.s. So, in case you wanted to know I've been gone because, well, lots of work to do for finals and such. Ah, the life of a student. Well, hopefully I'll keep more regular blog posts from now until the end of the semester, and perhaps after as well!

p.p.s. Reminder: Victoria's Secret Fashion show tomorrow at 10:00P Pacific time on CBS [:


hello again

Sorry, I've been gone for quite some time. Well today, there is no fashion news, and no question of the day. I still have a treat though! I'm posting up my "Mood Board" for a project I'm doing for class. I figured I'd like to share it with the world. The project is to design a collection with an ethnic influence. I'm designing a menswear collection for S/S 2010. Here's my mood board, enjoy!

Mood Board:
Inspiration song:
Hot Like Wow - Nadia Oh

Perhaps sketches will follow?