Paris, Anna, and Marc

Yay everyone, Paris Fashion Week starts today! I'm excited to see all the shows, are you? I, for one, am excited to see the Garth Pugh collection [:

In other news, I know I'm like a week late but I just saw The September Issue yesterday because I had to see it for an assignment, granted I would have watched it anyway. I'm happy to report that I quite enjoyed the film. It was nice to see the inner workings of [American] Vogue and its preeminent empress of all things fashion, Anna Wintour. I was expecting to see a documentary primarily about her; however, it was about the magazine, and so it was nice to see other faces in the documentary. Grace Coddington is a much needed breath of fresh air as I probably would've gone mad if it was a whole hour and a half of the Wintour of our discontent. Grace is such a sweet soul and I'm glad that she's a part of the Vogue family. André Leon Talley also provides much needed humor even though the documentary could've still been successful without his little tennis interview (you'll know what I mean if you've watched the film, and if you haven't you will). Even the photoshop boy gets some good scenes in the movie. Overall I think it was a successful documentary with fun cameos from designers, celebrities, and photographers. The film masterfully conveys the amount of hard work that goes into producing this magazine and even achieves to humanize Anna Wintour; you leave the theatre really liking this woman and all that she does.

And on a side note, Marc Jacobs is in the talks about being in a reality show, kind of like The Real Housewivesgays. Just wanted to let y'all know.

What do you think about Anna Wintour and Vogue? Love it, hate it, or - like her daughter - don't really care for it? Spill anything and everything about how you feel about her and/or the magazine, I'd really like to hear your opinion [:

Marc Jacobs in a reality show? Really? What do you think? That's all.

p.s. "Get Demarchelier on the phone."


I DIE for Coco Before Chanel

So, the title is misleading but I haven't actually seen the film because it isn't out yet. I do really want to see it. A film about Coco Chanel and Audrey Tautou is playing her? Excuse me, I need to go have a seizure.

The "I DIE" reference comes from a video that I favorited recently and would like to share with you.

I hope you Rachel Zoe fans enjoyed that [:

Do you D-I-E for Rachel Zoe?



So about a week and a half ago I posted some pictures from the Michael Bastian show to express my obsession with stripes, plaid, and bow ties. Here is a picture from the ETRO Menswear show (Spring 2010) that combines all three of these things I love in one look.
photo c/o New York Magazine

Plaid on the shoes too? I nearly died. Plaid, stripes, and bow ties... Am I on to something? Click here to view the rest of the show; it features a lot of bright colors and fun prints. I really like the collection, what do you think?

What's your favorite print or texture on a textile? Simple enough, right? I couldn't think of anything better [:


a little androgyny for the day

I was on the New York Magazine website as I am everyday and I went on to the "Look Finder" I decided I would look for some menswear looks with gloves just for fun. As I was perusing through the pictures, I came across this:

Gaultier Spring 2010
Men in halters?
We all know that designers John, Veronica, and Rei (that's Galliano, Etro, and Kawakubo of Comme Des Garçons respectively) have already put men in skirts. But this spring 2010, we see Gaultier putting a man in a halter. Given the right body type, however, it can look quite good.
We all praise YSL for putting women in pantsuits so why can't men wear halters? As for me, I quite enjoy it.

It's all about gender play. What say you? Do you enjoy women in "men's" clothing and vice versa? Or are you the type who prefers women in dresses and men in suits? Care to explain why? As always...


*photos courtesy New York Magazine

p.s. i want this...


michael bastian

plaid, stripes, bowties, and menswear = my obsession ;)

photos c/o New York Magazine
to see the whole show, click here and enjoy (:

p.s. I am quite sorry for the absence of the VMA post, I figured the Primetime Emmy Awards are this Sunday and I can give fashion coverage of that show instead.
A-list celebrities + high glamour = much to post about.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: plaid, stripes, bowties... love it? hate it? whatever?
comment your responses, and please&thank.you


monsieur giabiconi, je s'adore

Baptiste Giabiconi: 19-year old French model and Lagerfeld's muse, mine as well as he's the inspiration and posterboy for my blog [:

Look out for this one, he's on the rise. He will be gracing the cover of the October issue of Wallpaper Magazine...
In other news, I watched the MTV Video Music Awards tonight, I will be giving you all the fashion deets once I get the photos of these wonderful musicians. For those of you who watched it, you know that I'll probably have to dedicate one whole blog to Lady Gaga and the cornucopia fashions she donned on this musical night [:

Awards shows: I love them and always watch to see who everybody is wearing, it's like a fashion show, except the models are celebrities. Taylor, or "Tay" if you prefer, of The Rachel Zoe Project thinks that it's not really about fashion and just an event to please the masses. Art thou in agreement? Comment your responses.



ungaro 2009

For those of you that don't know about the Emanuel Ungaro line, as I assume you do, go research.

About a month and a half ago the beautiful Esteban Cortazar stepped down as head designer for Ungaro (cue the tears) because of supposed creative differences with the house of Ungaro. Estrella Archs has since then taken the position of designer for Emanuel Ungaro.

As an added twist, Mounir Mofarrige, owner of the line hires a new creative adviser:
That's right, Lindsay Lohan is the new creative adviser for Emanuel Ungaro.
Mouffarrige was quoted saying, "She’s very much for the youth, for the sexiness." This brings me to the...

Lindsay Lohan was a judge recently on an episode of Project Runway in which she gave an excellent performance as somebody who actually knows what's going on. Little did I know Project Runway Adjudicator wouldn't be her only fashion title. Monsieur Moufarrige thinks she brings the youth and the sexy; I say this with the most respect I can possibly give, but I think she brings the crack and the crazy an untrained and unexperienced eye. What do you think? Shall we give Little Miss Lohan a chance?