Sonia & GaGa

Greetings readers, it’s bloggy-blog time!

So I watched the Sonia Rykiel pour H&M fashion show, and the verdict is: it was a decent effort. The venue was quite nice and the set design was quite cartoony. Whether or not that’s a bad thing is for the public to decide. It got a lot of good reviews from the people that were in attendance, but that’s only because they decided to go to that and not the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. I don’t know whether it was a smart move to air the show on the same day as the VS show, but it was a definitely a big risk. At any rate, the line launches this Saturday.

Now, let’s talk about the Lady herself, that’s right GaGa. She shot a really awesome cover for Elle Magazine. She’s looking ever so pretty, going for a subtle glamour. It’s a breath of fresh air from her normal day-to-day GaGa eccentricities. I think she looks quite beautiful. Anyway, enough talk! Here are the pictures:


victoria threw on her louboutins at bryant park

Hola readers of the world, or maybe just readers of my class! Bloggy-blog time again. What shall we talk about today? Let’s commence with fashion shows.

I know I was talking about the Sonia Rykiel pour H&M fashion show and I was really excited to see it, the venue was massive! However, other things had to be taken care of and I wasn’t able to see it. I could’ve seen the last bits of it, but those who know me, know that I must see these things in its entirety. So, sadly I missed it. If I can get a hold of some video footage and see it before it launches on Saturday, I will be happy.


I did see the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, though. I got home in time for that. I thought it was quite exciting, but do we expect anything less from the VS Angels?

From the amazing maison light show, the inflatable PINK dog, and the Black Eyed Peas (yes, they performed), it was all amazing. It always amazes me how those models walk with wings n’ things. One model had what seemed to be a golden torture device, fabulous and fierce, but dangerous nonetheless. Heidi Klum was looking ever so German when she walked out (gosh, I love her). Also, a new Angel was added to the pantheon of heavenly bodies as selected by the masses of America. Overall, I think it was a successful show. I don’t have anything to compare it with, but once I see the Sonia Rykiel show, I’ll get back to you.

In other news, New York Fashion Week’s last run in Bryant Park is this upcoming February. It will then make the move to Damrosch Park. So long Bryant Park, we shall miss you [:



go gaga for sonia

Anything blogworthy today? Why yes, there is!

First up, Madame Rykiel's H&M line, let's talk about that, shall we? I, for one, have been très très excited for it; not that I would be wearing the line, but one can appreciate aesthetically pleasing qualities, can't they? Anyway, the line is set to launch this Saturday, December 5, 2009. Along with the launch is a super stellar, Alice in Wonderland inspired fashion show, which is happening today. A preview video has been released, and I'm here to share it with you. Enjoy!

The fashion show will be streaming live on the h&m website, today at 5:00P Eastern time. (here's the link)

On a more, or maybe less exciting note; but fun, nevertheless. Have you all seen the Bad Romance video? I'm only going to refer to the beginning of the video. The surreal, gaga macabre family portrait at the beginning? Remember her nails? It just so happens that the mesh on her nails is from Jo-Ann fabrics. I know! Crazy right? Jo-Ann's is useful, even for high profile music videos. Anyway, I thought that was exciting [:

Alice in Wonderland is great inspiration, but let’s talk cinema. Are you excited for the Tim Burton reimagining of the classic story? If you haven’t done any research on it, you should. I, as well as the majority of my friends are quite excited for it.

p.s. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show tonight on CBS!


the not so prodigal son returns

Oh how I've missed blogging. I've been gone for far too long! Lots to catch up on but we'll start with some news. I know, I know, I've skipped a whole lot of stuff in between like model deaths and controversies and GaGa's album [re]release, but time to move on.

I made a post about Gaultier making a Target line, yes? Well I've got news about who's next! None other than Monsieur Posen comma Zac. Yes, he will be making a Target diffusion line to be released in late April through May. Yay for excitement; Posen can now join the ranks of Target designer lines! McQueen, Sui, Mulleavy, Gaultier, and now Posen (I'm still excited for the men's diffusion line for Macy's, however).

And now, it wouldn't be a welcome return with a post about the Lohan, would it? As much as some people want her off of Ungaro, she's not going anywhere, folks. Aside from lies about doing a collab with a high-end jewelry designer, there have apparently been lies about her not getting paid or getting fired, but all of these are untrue. Monsieur Mouffarige puts no blame on Lohan for the Spring 2010 disaster that occurred on the Parisian runway. Wow, you're really rooting for her aren't you? Well, I just hope you prove us wrong [:

Have you missed me?

p.s. So, in case you wanted to know I've been gone because, well, lots of work to do for finals and such. Ah, the life of a student. Well, hopefully I'll keep more regular blog posts from now until the end of the semester, and perhaps after as well!

p.p.s. Reminder: Victoria's Secret Fashion show tomorrow at 10:00P Pacific time on CBS [:


hello again

Sorry, I've been gone for quite some time. Well today, there is no fashion news, and no question of the day. I still have a treat though! I'm posting up my "Mood Board" for a project I'm doing for class. I figured I'd like to share it with the world. The project is to design a collection with an ethnic influence. I'm designing a menswear collection for S/S 2010. Here's my mood board, enjoy!

Mood Board:
Inspiration song:
Hot Like Wow - Nadia Oh

Perhaps sketches will follow?


men's diffusion, finally

So, we're all familiar with the Target designer lines, yes? Good.
One thing that must be noticed is that those lines are all specifically geared towards womenswear. Where are my guys at? No menswear? Boo hoo ):

But wait, there's more! Our wonderful friends at Macy's have come up with an exclusive menswear line, at an affordable price too! The line is called Thread & Heirs and it's due to release next Spring in 200 Macy's stores across the nation. Are you excited? I am! The designers of the Ruffian line (Brian Wolk and Claude Morais) will be the first designers to take up the Thread & Heirs helm. Their inspiration is "Williamsburg" I, for one, am definitely intrigued. The pricepoint is $24-$99. Finally someone's looking out for the guys who want to gussy up on occassion, but not bust their wallet!

And here's a little taste of Thread & Heirs:
photo c/o New York Magazine

What's your viewpoint on designer diffusion lines? I'm a struggling artist/student, and that means I don't have a lot of money. So, I personally love diffusion lines; these allow us to get that high end label without breaking the bank. What's your take?


JP and the Mad Men

Hello all! The rumors were true! John Paul Gaultier will, in fact, be doing a line for Target. We've already seen the lines from other established designers Alex (McQueen that is) and Anna Sui. Who's excited for that? I know I am!

Well, I've learned that each designer who has designed for Target has chosen a muse as inspiration. Anna Sui picked the Gossip Girls and Alexander McQueen chose Leila Moss. Our friend Mr. Gaultier has chosen - can you guess?

Hint: He's designed for this female performer before.

Got it? YES! It's Madonna!!!

Does that mean Target is going to do spiral cone boobs? I guess we'll have to wait to find out [:

In other news, the show Mad Men seems to be sparking a lot of fashion attention. Fashions from the show as well as other product lines will be produced for Mad Men fans. Brooks Brothers has produced a gray Mad Men Suit (limited ed.) designed by the costume designer of Mad Men. A dress as well as a myriad of other products are soon to follow.

p.s. there is no question of the day, instead I'll post a...
all information and photo c/o New York Magazine


rodarte for target

Here are some pictures from the Rodarte line for Target.
It features some interesting prints and textures (and it's got bows!).
What do you think of the Rodarte Sisters' Target collection?


here's johnny!

Ready for it? John Galliano Spring 2010! Fun play on texture and color, and the vapor bubbles were my favorite [:
They fell from the sky and when they touched ground the vapor dissipated all about the runway, yay.

So here, enjoy !

to see the whole show, click here

I love flocked fabrics and crunchy sculptural feeling fabrics. What about you, what's your favorite texture?


the stars align for estrella

So by this point in time, we've all seen Emanuel Ungaro, yes? So after looking at it some more, I've concluded that i't's not completely disastrous, there were some good pieces. But as I've said before, it's just to sad that new Ungaro designer, Estrella Archs' talent goes unnoticed beneath Lohan's giant publicity shadow. Let's not forget that she's quite a good designer (she's worked at Hussein Chalayan, Emilio Pucci, Prada, and Nina Ricci). Although not all the pictures are up, here are a few from her own Estrella Archs show:
And what's more is that she looked genuinely happy after her own show. Remember the earlier post? The one with the picture of Estrella looking not so starry-eyed? Well here's the comparison:

Awww, she's so happy [:

In recent news: Project Runway the video game? Will you play?

p.s. Estrella today, John tomorrow (Galliano, that is)!


giambattista, karl, and alber (and a bit of baptiste)

Giambattista Valli (formerly of Emanuel Ungaro):
"An actress ought to be an actress, and a fashion designer ought to be a fashion designer. These are their own professions, so everybody ought to concentrate on one thing. I chose, in my life, to be a fashion designer."

There, it's been said.

In other news, Paris fashion week continues and I have to post pictures up for two collections. Let's start off with Chanel's barnyard couture. There was a very rustic, romantic feel to the whole collection. Also, it didn't hurt to have Baptiste in the collection, of course.
to see the whole show, click HERE

Now let's move on to Lanvin. I think this was a successful collection as it had a little bit of everything. Beautiful draped silhouettes, wonderfully sculpted pieces (some which seemed to be composed of paper), excellently executed embellishments (how's that for alliteration?), and a few sheers and pops of color here and there.

to see the whole show, click HERE

all photos c/o New York Magazine


how lindsay killed emanuel

So let's talk about Lindsay again. Yesterday, the newly "revamped" Emanuel Ungaro debuted its Spring 2010 collection. This debut featured its new designer Estrella Archs and its new Creative Director, Cady Heron. Oops, I mean Lindsay Lohan. I hate to talk about her (that's a lie) but she is the talk of the town. A lot of people were predicting that the line would be disastrous. Mounir Moufarrige hired her for: one, the publicity and two, to bring the youthfulness. Let's see, how do I describe the collection? It's like a Valentine's day card, a five-year-old's coloring book, and all the costumes from Mean Girls exploded onto the runway. The Valentine's day cards seem to have exploded onto some of the models foreheads, and the Mean Girls essence was ever present with the soft and hot pink runway.

Here's a treat for you all. The Times managed to get a few quotes from Miss Lohan from the design room:
“This is just so cool,” Ms. Lohan said, turning her attention to a white minidress splattered with sequins. “It needs more rhinestones, just so it pops.”
Pointing to another white dress, she said: “I call it Michelle Pfeifer in ‘Scarface.’ I was just in my office sketching for next season. I was here until, like, one o’clock last night.”

At any rate, I could go on for days - and for those of you who are my friends, I probably will - so I'll just post a few of the pictures. By the way, I love the picture I posted for this blog, Estrella Archs looks genuinely sick to be holding Lohan's hand; you can click the picture to see a clear expression on her face).

photos c/o Style.com
to see the whole show, click here

Glitter heart pasties? That is all.

p.s. Re: the 5th look I posted (which is the 18th look of the show); Have you all seen High School Musical 3? I think Lindsay Lohan has [:
Click here to see what I mean.


christian & bruno

Project Runway alum, Christian Siriano is rumored to have his own reality show on Bravo. The show will follow him as he tries to open a new store. I don't know about you all, but I think I got enough "fierce tranny mess" during PR4. Speaking of which, if you haven't seen the Amy Poehler skit about Christian Siriano, you should go google it, like now.

In other news, more shows from Paris Fashion Week!
Today I have chosen pieces from the Bruno Pieters collection.
Simple color palette + innovative shape = excellence! Enjoy [:

photos c/o New York Magazine
to see the whole show, click here


lindsay & gareth

Sadly, I have more news about our celebrité du jour, Lindsay Lohan. She apparently is still the Creative Adviser for Emanuel Ungaro (now headed by designer Estrella Archs) It's been said that various and sundry buyers are refusing to go the the Emanuel Ungaro show because of her involvement with the line. Poor Estrella, her first show with Ungaro and already people don't want to go? Perhaps they should rethink this partnership. Anyhow, I'll be looking at the pictures once they're up to see how I feel about the new and revamped Ungaro line.

Happily, Paris fashion week did start yesterday and some pictures are already up. I expressed my excitement for Gareth Pugh and he did not disappoint me. I was speaking with a friend about how Paris fashion week is always so avant garde compared to some of the other cities. That makes me happy. So anyway, here are some of the pictures:

photos c/o New York Magazine
to see the whole show, click here

I'm a big fan of avant garde designs, must be my background in in over the top costume design. Anyhow, what do you think of avant garde fashion? Is it masterful wearable art? Or is it too far out of this world to grasp? Mark your opinion, I'd love to hear it [: