Dare to Design!

Hey y'all! I've got something to share! In my design class, we were told to submit a design for a design contest for a label called Shabby Apple. The following images contain my mood board, line sheet, and my chosen illustration. The parameters were: must have sleeves, must be knee length, and must NOT show cleavage. As an added detail, we had to be inspired by a movie.

So my inspiration was the movie version of the musical Dreamgirls. So we're going 70s! A few pictures of 70s inspired dresses from the S/S 2011 season and some 70s interiors and automobiles complete my mood board.

This here is my line sheet which contains four potential designs for the Shabby Apple client as well as the potential fabrics that'll be used if it were put into production.

And finally, the illustration for the submission!
This is my dress design for Shabby Apple Dresses, enjoy!

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