booties and lauren

Hello all!
Been super busy during the month, but i'm back and blogging. What's on today's news? Well it says it in the title doesn't it? First let's talk about booties. Now I've always loved me some moccasin/wallaby inspired booties. These ones are actually mine:

Well it turns out that they're on trend this upcoming season! Hooray for booties! I'm glad they're trending because not only are they cool, they're super duper comfortable.

photo c/o Lauren Conrad's TwitterNext on the list: Lauren Conrad. Thought she was done with reality TV life? Guess again friends! She's going to be back on MTV with a new reality show that'll follow her as she launches her latest line. It'll be a sort of "mockumentary" if you will. With lots of drama as most MTV reality shows have. We'll see how it goes, I guess.

What do you think of Lauren Conrad. It's not news that she basically used the Hills as a catalyst for her career. Fair? Not fair? Some people could say the same thing about Project Runway. So many students/designers now think they can set their professional lives into hyperspeed by using the televised media to launch their careers; as opposed to doing it the "old fahsioned" way. What say you?

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