i'm baaack

Alas, it's the start of a new semester, a new semester of blogging. I really wish I could have blogged more during the summer but I have been busy. "With what?" you may ask. Well, I started an internship over the summer with a designer named Minnie Mortimer. Familial history aside, she's so great to work with and I'm having a great time learning on the job, and speaking of job it just so happens that she's offering me one at the end of my internship session. Excited? You bet I am! If you want to look at her items click here and enjoy.

Aside from the internship I've been loafing around and started a collaboration with a friend of mine for a cute little collection, images to follow soon, I hope.

Well since I'm back I'm here to offer you the news as I get it, offer my opinions, and I won't forget the question of the day :D

In other news:
We love diffusion lines, yes? It's our gateway to the star designers without spending the big bucks. Well rumor has it... Alber Elbaz of Lanvin is going to be the next collaborator for H&M. That's exciting news as Lanvin is incredibly sought after and now, it's going to be available for all of us! Proposed date is September 9, which is quite soon, I'm going to be following fashion news quite frequently to find out for sure. Well, I guess that's all for today I'll think of more things, I promise.

New semester, new layout? Maybe. I do love Baptiste as my banner, but perhaps it's time for a change :)

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