Sonia & GaGa

Greetings readers, it’s bloggy-blog time!

So I watched the Sonia Rykiel pour H&M fashion show, and the verdict is: it was a decent effort. The venue was quite nice and the set design was quite cartoony. Whether or not that’s a bad thing is for the public to decide. It got a lot of good reviews from the people that were in attendance, but that’s only because they decided to go to that and not the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. I don’t know whether it was a smart move to air the show on the same day as the VS show, but it was a definitely a big risk. At any rate, the line launches this Saturday.

Now, let’s talk about the Lady herself, that’s right GaGa. She shot a really awesome cover for Elle Magazine. She’s looking ever so pretty, going for a subtle glamour. It’s a breath of fresh air from her normal day-to-day GaGa eccentricities. I think she looks quite beautiful. Anyway, enough talk! Here are the pictures:

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